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The C-BITE Garden Clip is the Original Stake Grip 


For tomatoes, orchids, hops, peas, grapes and vines, saplings, seedlings, tall flowers and much more: The C-BITE Canopy Management System can help support or train any plant using fewer garden stakes, bamboo poles, and plant ties. Removing your plants from their support at harvest has never been easier!

C-BITE's hooks & holes work with most readily available trellising & plant support products.  Clipping together, our trellis grips can hold your stakes in up to three planes allowing you to make rigid cages of any size & shape as well as pre-tie movable support lines and cross members.



c-bite2.pngC-BITEs are manufactured in America from UV- resistant non-virgin plastic. With the same tensile strength as copper, you can rely on this mighty little grip to hold your stakes together and keep your plants supported harvest after harvest.

TIP: C-BITEs are made in two sizes to fit most commonly available garden stakes & canes. No. 9 C-BITEs best fit the the skinny 8 mm & 9 mm plastic coated stakes. No. 10 C-BITEs best fit the 10 mm & 11 mm stakes.   


TIP: When C-BITEs are attached - they are designed to fit snugly - and keep your plants supported. If you have trouble removing them from one another, try wiggling or walking the joint out of socket. Be careful, and wear gloves to be safe.

TIP: In addition to dovetail connection points (shown above) C-BITE's hooks also snap together and then turn to snap again at  90°.   Each of the many unique connections allows for flexibility in setting up the endless plant-support structures possible.  

TIP: Use the natural hinge on the top of the C-BITE Clip to your advantageOnce you fill a dovetail, the natural hinge that allows them to open for garden stakes has been filledIf it's not easy, it's not right:

  • When clipping a C-BITE onto a garden stake: Push with your thumbs in the middle and not on the hooks (which close the hinge)
  • When removing a C-BITE from a garden stake: Push away from the stake on the hooks (which opens the inge) using your thumbs
  • If you fill the dovetail gap with another C-BITE before clipping it to a garden stake, than it can't easily open for or release the stake.

TIP: It is helpful to pre-tie or twist your lines to the the hooks and holes prior to attaching either to the stake.  This way you prevent the need to fumble through the foliage and risk damaging your plant or even hurting yourself.  No more hunting down tie-offs or cutting garden twine! At harvest, nothing needs to be untangled or cut, just remove the C-BITEs and the lines at the same time.

c-bite3.pngYou can also use the C-BITE™

with string & twine, rope, twist-ties, gardening wire, vinyl plant ties, twist clips, plant Yo-Yos, trellis netting, bamboo canes & skewers, pot edges, zip-ties, rubber tubing, coated stakes, & permanent markers. Or to organize & hold cables, string lights, extension cords, tools, pens, smartphones, keys & much more!




TIP: Wrap guy lines on one side of the stake only to facilitate easy removal -

TIP: If the diameter of the stake is larger than intended for a C-BITE garden clip (there are many sizes of stakes and strengths of finger) a pair of pliers will do the job nicely.

TIP: Mirror your C-BITEs on the ends of the stakes to make symetrical structures.

TIP: A rubber-coated metal stake can be easily cut using a serrated edge, pipe cutter or other scoring tool. A slight score in the surface of the stake permits easy "breaking".  Score the surface and break.  It is that easy.  Be aware of all surfaces and connect the C-BITE accordingly. If you choose to cut your stakes, take care to buffer the cut end with a C-BITE Stake Cap for saftey and pest mitigation.


Experiment and find out what works best for your application. 

Be prepared for some scuffing of the stake surface when using C-BITEs.  

In the interests of safety, our policy includes the recommendation that you use gloves and eye protecton to prevent missteps from becoming accidents that result in bodily harm.  Please see our full disclaimer.