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Winter Plants For Your Garden

Posted by C-Bite on

When people have a green thumb, they don’t want their talent to be hindered just because of a little snow. Winter is right around the corner, and gardeners may tend to despise this time of year because their green thumb has to be put away. The vegetables, fruits, and flowers you put so much effort into die for the season. It’s quite a depressing scene. However, C-Bite has some great news for you! There are a handful of plants that actually thrive in the winter that look breathtaking against the snow.

Don’t let winter hinder your favorite hobby. Check out these great plants to make your house and garden stand out in winter! And don’t forget to use your garden clips by C-Bite when necessary!

Flowering Quince

This plant is considered an Asian shrub that is actually part of the rose family. It has gorgeous red flowers surrounded by white, green, and yellow fruits. This type of plant is easy to take care of and is great in many extreme climates. Flowering Quince can get up to 8 feet wide, so make sure you are using you C-Bite garden plant supports or clips to keep this plant looking manicured and not disheveled.


The snowdrop is a beautiful plant that starts to bloom in winter. It has green stems with white flowers that begin to appear in the colder months. These would look spectacular against the snow in any garden.


This plant tends to stand out against the bright white snow. This plant is a cousin to holly, a very traditional holiday plant. These brightly colored berries will look good in any type of garden. Use your plant grips to make sure they are growing in the direction you desire.

Witch Hazel

Don’t fret at this plant's interesting name, because it's nothing but stunning. While you get its delicious fragrance in summer, you still get its amazing sights against the background of white during winter. This plant sports spidery-like red and yellow flowers. You want to make sure you place this shrub in just the right spot among your garden because of its larger size.

These plants can keep your garden thriving all winter long. You don’t have to accept the unappealing brown and crunchy lifeless plants in your garden. Always use your C-Bite plant grips and garden supports for the plants. They will help keep your garden organized and looking beautiful all year round. Get your plant grips today