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Use Our Trellis Clips For Your Cucumbers & Melons

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Most people who garden already use trellis configurations to grow their beans and peas and tomatoes vertically. Whether it's something they've just done since they started gardening because their parents taught them, or they truly understand the benefits, it's a solution that's been used for years and years all over the world. C-bite's patent pending trellis clips are a revolutionary addition to add to your stakes and they allow you to create anchors, trellis configurations, and couple stakes together.

However, many people don't even consider the fact that they can train their other vegetables and fruits to grow vertically up a trellis. It's very disappointing to look forward to fresh melon only to find that there's a rotten spot on it from sitting on the ground. Thankfully, our extremely durable garden plant supports help you prevent this! Elevate the fruit above the soil on a trellis using our garden clips while making harvesting and weeding easy. Plus, it keeps your melons above the reach of those nasty, hungry slugs! It's really a no-brainer.

Cucumbers grow easily on trellis'. Construct your garden support system before planting and simply space your cucumber seeds or plants 1 foot apart on either side of the trellis. Keep them closer because they benefit from bountiful sun exposure and they're not very susceptible to diseases from overlapping leaves and foliage.

Ask for C-Bites at your local garden supply and revolutionize your garden. They're also perfect gift ideas and Christmas stocking stuffers for those garden lovers in your life.