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Thoughts on Timing:

Posted by Jason Rider on

Location, location location. Yeah. Got it. Cliches have value; but to look deeper is essential to growth. This is a gardening blog, so I'm considering the seasons.

What about timing? Timing can be everything. We plant by zones and consider production cycles in step with seasonal and conditional variances. We fret over all of the movable details contributing to a harvests' success.

Growing something is easy but it is not simple. The number of variables we must attend to for success can be at times overwhelming. 

Forms must change to relate to circumstance. Truth is, formulaic application has no use in a living system. Forms are a moccery of nature and a recipe for disaster. We must move to adapt: Be lucky as well as smart; and make our gardens adapt with so that they can also thrive in the changing systems we live in.

This is the process of learning and feedback that occurs when we communiate with a system as a rational beings and work the substrate to make something grow.

This als goes back to an earlier blog on opportunity costs and energy as a zero sum game. Factor the seasons into that equasion and more information is available to the grower to respond to: For each time in a plants cycle, the right things must be done to coax stellar growth. 

Don't know what else to say. 

Thanks for reading.