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So Much More Than Garden Clips

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You love your plants. Whether they are just for aesthetic quality, or you are growing plentiful fruit, when you see them droop, it is not a pretty sight. However, a series of steaks and ties can be a hassle, unattractive, and just not helpful. 

That is why we have made the C-Bite: the revolutionary garden clips that will not only change the way you see garden plant supports, but a tool that will make gardening along with other everyday organizing feats, a simple and easy task.

With countless different ways to connect and support, the C-Bite is a new, innovative way for you to defy gravity and empower your stakes. However, it can be so much more than that. From your plants to the perfect headphone cord wrap, the uses for these trellis clips stretch far beyond the imagination.

Made from non-virgin plastic and designed to fit most stakes, every single clip is highly durable, versatile, weather resistant, and fits with both sizes of clips like a puzzle. This allows you to know your plants are secure without adding tie after tie after tie. 

Every plant is unique and needs different kinds of attention from the next, and that is why our garden clips not only fit together like a puzzle, but they fit together in ways which allow you versatility in all three planes, so you are no longer limited by size or shape, and your garden can stand tall.

Empower your stakes and buy the revolutionary trellis clips that will change the way you garden. Contact us today for bulk pricing!