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Save Garden Space With Our Trellis Clips By C-Bite

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The act of trellising fruits and vegetables is a technique that's been long-practiced all over the world. Not only does it keep the plants off the ground but it also improves production while increasing usable space. Here at C-Bite, we help you empower your stakes through out revolutionary trellis clips garden stake anchoring system.

How is it different, though? The C-Bite garden plant supports system not only couples your stakes but also acts as a tie-anchor to prevent your valuable plants from being damaged by gravity and rotting. They fit on to a wide variety of stake diameters and are meant to be an anchor point for support ties, pins, and clips. They also easily snap together in multiple ways to couple stakes and create stable trellis structures. Connect the hooks, connect the dove tails, or connect the hooks to the dove tails! There are connections possible on both x, y, and z planes.

There are nearly as many trellising options possible with our garden clips as there are varieties to grow. The real trick is creating the most practical one for your needs and plants. The benefits of trellising are numerous. Training a crop to grow vertically instead of horizontally all over the garden not only keeps your produce off the ground but it also gives you a lot more space to plant and grow more in a small area.

Tomatoes, beans, peas, cucumbers, zucchini, small melons, you name it! They all benefit from growing vertically rather than sprawling all over the place. Shop our C-bite trellis clips today and change your garden for the good.