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This is a lot of fun. In early November, I took a picture of a sketch of an idea on my white board (my journal is a photobook of scribbles). In late November, my Afinia 3-D printer arrived and I had my first prototype in hand. The experience of being able to bring an idea into this world is among those things that entrepreneurs live for, and a 3-d printer is one of the most direct ways to experience that thrill. The desktop manufacturing revolution has only just begun; and I am proud to say that we at are riding that excitement and here because of it. As these words fill the text box, the seventh iteration of the 9mm C-Bite is on the printer platform. Without a doubt, the product has evolved. Its first manifestation was a simple pressure clamp with holes, now it is an object that interlocks with itself and stakes in numerous ways and has a utility to it that even I have only just begun to discover. Soon the design will be further polished and it will be manufactured in more durable UV resistant plastic... But more than just a widget and a split infinitive, what has developed is a company and a team that is working towards the common goal of growing a fast business. Late nights, little sleep, obsessive preoccupation, tight budgets and schedules; this working on the edge of sanity is the only way I like it.