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Create a Garden Oasis With a She Shed

Posted by C-Bite on

One of your favorite parts of your home may very well be the garden. It is a location in your home that you have made your own. Plus, you have to put much effort into maintaining it. This space makes you feel accomplished and it's an area you should always enjoy. A way to do this is to create a “she shed.”

A she shed is a garden oasis where you can read, do yoga, and relax while being surrounded by the beautiful sights and smells of your plants. C-Bite wants you to know that you can have all your dreams come true when it comes to your garden paradise. Make sure you use our plant supports so that you can have them surrounding your she shed!

Let's check out great ideas to utilize your she shed!


Creating a reading nook out in nature will take your story time to the next level. You can take your most comfy chair, your favorite reading materials and set them in a small shed-like structure. Decorate it with some feminine touches, and add a battery powered lamp so you can even use your she shed under the stars. Having your favorite things, such as your plants and your books around you will make for a wonderful place.


If you like to stay active and centered, creating a personal yoga studio within your garden would be a way to keep the balance in your life. You can make this space very minimal if that is more your aesthetic. Add in your most comfy yoga mat and a motivating picture to hand within the shed itself. Make sure you have your plant supports so you can surround your vine plants all around your home made yoga studio.


If you tend to work a lot from home, this is a great way to be happy and working at the same time. Creating an office outdoors will invigorate you and will get you to work in and out of the garden. Make sure you put a sturdy desk and a comfortable chair in your she shed. Bring your plants inside your office by using your plant supports to help direct your plant through the openings of your she shed.


If you are creative in other places besides your garden, a studio implemented into your garden will be sure to get your creative juices flowing. A studio space is meant to be open, designed, and have elements of yourself throughout. If you are a painter, sculptor, or any type of artist, having your own studio space will help your creative process. Make sure to use your C-Bite plant supports so you can have your plants within your she shed.

Using C-Bite plant supports will put your garden to the next level. Take it further by creating your favorite places within this space. Having creative and productive areas outside will make you more aware to tend to your garden and make sure your plants are being well-taken care. Learn about our C-Bite plant supports and get yours today