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Building a Living Fence

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garden clips The French call it an espalier. We like the more descriptive "living wall". Adding one to your garden not only adds an element of beauty and functionality but lends a certain level of structure to areas that are bland or need more privacy. A living wall is basically a structure embellished with either fruit trees or flowering shrubs pruned and trained to follow patterns. Your levels of creativity and patience are the only barriers you have in creating decorative elements within your living wall and using our patent-pending trellis clips makes construction easy and free of frustration. Though it does take time and concentrated effort over the years to complete your living fence, the results are worth it.

  • Create a support with 4 x 4 posts of pressure-treated wood cut to the desired height topped with a 2 x 4 rail at a length of 8 feet (or to the length needed). 
  • Stretch 14-gauge wire horizontally between posts with spaces of 1 foot between each. Plant 3 or more dwarf trees or small shrubs at least an arm's length from each other along the length of the "wall". Make sure to follow the planting instructions for your specific species to allow healthy growth. Cut off unnecessary branches to the back and front of the wall leaving the side branches to extend between plants.
  • Criss-cross branches between plants to create patterns and secure them to the wires with C-Bite garden plant supports. As the plants grow, prune and snip any unwanted growth while adjusting the garden clips as needed to encourage proper growth patterns.