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So as I sit upon the promise of funds and expertise that has been extended to me by the Colorado Enterprise Fund; I am forced to consider the question "How many jobs do you expect to create?" that was posed in the application. This is a good one. For to compete in this market...not just the garden and horticulture market, but the plastic widget market, one needs to be extraordinarily low cost. Many of the less versatile answers to plant support on the market are also less expensive. Made in the USA is a noble pursuit, but in my queries at he machine shops and molding plants, I find that costs do not compete with our overseas business partners....something that causes us much dismay, collectively, as Americans. Why is it that we cannot compete? We are innovative. We have capacity and resources. We have a potent business community that can benefit from larger work loads and higher employment rates. From where I stand as a start-up entrepreneur...the cost is the cruncher and innovation must be the key. Somewhere, in our skilled and resourceful manufacturing community there are solutions. We can find it economically feasible to trim expectations, increase volume and compete in the margins on service and accessibility. This is my goal. To cultivate the right relationship, where the tradeoff on short term margin vs. long term volume can overcome the advantages that many of our neighboring country friends operate with. Otherwise, what are our options? That is a question that gets to hang. As fans of the product i present here, I hope you'll stand by us as we find the optimal balance between external constraints and internal desires... because none of us want to pay more than a buck for something good.