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Featured article in the Reporter Herald business section

Here is an article by Craig Young of the Reporter Herald about the C-Bite garden clip. Reporter Herald Article from August 10, 2014

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5 Tips that Make Gardening a Breeze

You love gardening just like we do, and nothing can compare to making a beautiful and plentiful landscape. However, we know that the experience itself can be more frustrating than we would like. These 5 tips can make your favorite pastime that much easier: Prevent plants from drooping and breaking by supporting them with the garden clips [...]

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So Much More Than Garden Clips

You love your plants. Whether they are just for aesthetic quality, or you are growing plentiful fruit, when you see them droop, it is not a pretty sight. However, a series of steaks and ties can be a hassle, unattractive, and just not helpful. That is why we have made the C-Bite: the revolutionary garden clips that will [...]

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Check out the Afinia company blog about the C-Bite garden stake clip

Jason Rider – 3D Printer-Enabled Entrepreneur

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a bit of ethos

So as I sit upon the promise of funds and expertise that has been extended to me by the Colorado Enterprise Fund; I am forced to consider the question "How many jobs do you expect to create?" that was posed in the application. This is a good one. For to compete in this [...]

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This is a lot of fun. In early November, I took a picture of a sketch of an idea on my white board (my journal is a photobook of scribbles). In late November, my Afinia 3-D printer arrived and I had my first prototype in hand. The experience of being able to [...]

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Use Our Trellis Clips For Your Cucumbers & Melons

Most people who garden already use trellis configurations to grow their beans and peas and tomatoes vertically. Whether it's something they've just done since they started gardening because their parents taught them, or they truly understand the benefits, it's a solution that's been used for years and years all over the world. C-bite's patent pending trellis [...]

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