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Intensive production is a function of regional vectors and vector control

It goes without saying that good biotic control is essential for optimal crop production. In any region and in any zone with a crop being produced for value there is a commonality that describes its arc. Be it humidity, soil quality: Local circumstances are the keys to success. The same goes for the vectors that spread from plot to garden [...]

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Thoughts on Timing:

Location, location location. Yeah. Got it. Cliches have value; but to look deeper is essential to growth. This is a gardening blog, so I'm considering the seasons.What about timing? Timing can be everything. We plant by zones and consider production cycles in step with seasonal and conditional variances. We fret over all of the movable [...]

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Blog reprinted in Garden and Greenhouse Magazine

See the publication here and feel free to re-post.

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Some musings on process and the mission of Thriving Systems Design, LLC.

Thriving Systems Design is currently still solely run by me, its founder.  However, as I write these blogs, I endeavor do so under the auspices of a company larger than myself; and I strive to uphold the mission I've imparted to its name: Thriving Systems Design is a concept more than it is anything else.Don't get me wrong. [...]

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Canopy Management is Not for the Meek.

Canopy Management requires some degree of risk tolerance and a strong faith in a plants ability to respond suitably to both the gentle and extreme coaxings of the bold gardener.Keeping heavy branches supported is one thing (and important to good canopy management), but, keeping potentially higher yielding branches down is another story  - it is [...]

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a write-up from the Colorado Enterprise Fund

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How design appeals to the soul:

I am not a designer. I am a solution maker and a tinkerer and I purport to make things with some semblance of function and pupose. To finalize anything though - I appeal to the experts in materials, proportion and aesthetic -- and I try and keep up.But through this process I recognize that great [...]

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Some Canopy Management techniques.

Lately I've been speaking a lot about the need for Canopy Management and top-growth control. I've spoken about it in blogs, at trade-shows like the Indo Expo, with my clients and most recently on withKC Stark and Charles Houghton.  A lot of eyebrows were raised and I have seen that thinking about Canopy Management is something hasn't reached [...]

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Start somewhere and end right.

There is an old maxim: Good to begin well, but better to end well. The fable I know this from starts off with good intentions and a sense of forward motion. Sadly, it finds that it has arrived; through lack of foresight and preparation: Back where it began.#oroboros

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Growing systems are mostly zero-sum at any point in time.

A lot of talk in horticulture on maximizing yield and quality. We all see it: this product does this and that concoction does that. So many solutions abound for how to grow big and efficiently.Its an incremental game, I get it. So, I too try and follow best practices- you know, go with the flow [...]

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