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5 Tips that Make Gardening a Breeze

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You love gardening just like we do, and nothing can compare to making a beautiful and plentiful landscape. However, we know that the experience itself can be more frustrating than we would like. These 5 tips can make your favorite pastime that much easier:

  1. Prevent plants from drooping and breaking by supporting them with the garden clips that revolutionize gardening. Organized, versatile and stable, C-Bites can make the gardening process simple easy and efficient.
  2. Those ugly salt deposits on clay pots will melt before your eyes with a simple mixture of equal parts white vinegar, rubbing alcohol and water. Scrub the mixture on the pot and allow it to completely dry before you use it to plant anything.
  3. Prevent dirty and impossible to clean nails by rubbing them across a soap bar before gardening. After you have done your work, you can rinse them with a brush and the difference is remarkable.
  4. An impressive fertilizer can be made by using the water leftover from boiled or steamed vegetables. Pouring this normally wasted water over potted plants will make them healthy and thriving.
  5. Too often, seeds are attacked by a kind of fungus that roams untamed in your soil, especially if it is well nourished as it should be. The easy solution is sprinkling chamomile tea around the seeded area about once a week and the fungus disappears.

We all need help every now and then, and your plants are no different. Give them the support they need with the trellis clips that are not only easy to use, but make support systems a breeze.