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12 pack of No. 9 C-BITEs®

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Get a grip on your garden©and prevent your valuable plants from being damaged by gravity! The patent-pending C-Bitetm allows you to create customized, scalable support systems, for plants of any size or branch weight. C-Bites cleverly connect standard garden stakes, in seconds, in a myriad of ways unlocking the path to an organized, fully-supported and astounding garden.

For tomatoes, orchids, hops, peas, grapes and vines, saplings, seedlings, tall flowers and much more: The C-Bite system can help support or train any plant using fewer stakes and ties, and removing stakes from plants at season’s end has never been easier!

A C-Bite a is versatile, durable, practical & easy to use gardening grip.

C-Bite’s hooks & holes work with most readily available trellising & plant support products.  Working together, our trellis grips can couple your stakes in up to three planes.  You can make a rigid cage of any size & shape as well as pre-tie movable support lines.


C-Bites are manufactured in America from UV- resistant non-virgin plastic.  They are made in two sizes to fit most commonly available garden stakes & canes.  No. 9 C-Bites best fit the the skinny 8 mm & 9 mm plastic coated stakes.  No. 10 C-Bites best fit the 10 mm & 11 mm stakes.   

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  1. Excellent product and design

    Posted by KW on 18th Apr 2017

    I purchased these for a rather unconventional application. I still used them in conjunction with garden stakes, but not for the purpose of growing anything.

    I do a lot of target shooting, and having an effective and readily available target stand can sometimes be a chore. The range I frequent is awesome; with the exception of their targets. Previously, I put together a "portable" stand with some 1/2" PVC. It worked great, but was a little to cumbersome and bulky to lug around in the range bag.

    So, I started thinking about an alternative. Garden stakes came to mind, but I wasn't aware of anything that would make it easy to connect them together. It took a few google searches, but I eventually stumbled across C-Bites. How there aren't more products like this is kind of perplexing. But, maybe it's because these guys got it right the first time and protected their IP. A wise move, because these things are ingenious!

    The stakes I purchased were a little small in diameter, but a quick wrap with some painters tape in the spots where I wanted to make the connections fixed that. These C-Bites are easy to use, lock up really tight, and aren't a burden to break down. They had no problem supporting a 24" X 36" cardboard target backing, so I'm sure they'll handle most garden applications without issue.

    For my purposes, these made my idea to ditch the PVC possible. A couple of garden stakes and a handful of C-Bites get the job done, and take up remarkably less space in the range bag. More room for the fun stuff :)

    One final note. Their customer service is excellent. The item came packaged very well. It includes a couple of samples of their other products, and a handwritten note telling me to reach out if I had issues. Along with some pointers on getting the most out of the C-Bites.

    Excellent product. Excellent service. I have a feeling that I'll be buying more when my friends see my radically improved range setup.

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